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Cracked Cement Coasters




Living a greener, environmentally friendly lifestyle is all about finding small ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in your home. Even small changes and tiny details can come together to make a big impact on the safety of the world in which we all live. These Cracked Cement Coasters are an excellent way that you can incorporate another green element into your home to help protect our planet. Rather than being crafted from plastic that contains petroleum or chemicals that can pollute the air and water, these attractive coasters are made from recycled ash mixed with cement, both of which are non-toxic.

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The ash and cement used to create the Cracked Cement Coasters are highly water absorbent, so when you place a glass atop one, any moisture on the glass’ bottom will penetrate the surface of the coaster and remain locked inside. This keeps your tables and counters dry and the surface of the coaster from becoming slippery. The absorbent nature of the coasters also makes them perfect for glass and plastic bottles that have been chilled, as they will absorb the drops of water that run down the bottle and can make a mess.

The Cracked Cement Coasters have an intricate spider web pattern on their surfaces and resemble mud that has dried in the sun. No two patterns are identical, making every coaster one-of-a-kind. The coasters are available in dark black and medium gray.

The coasters are sold individually

measure 3.9" x 3.9" by 0.6" in height.


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