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Monochromatic Deck of Cards



In cards there are winners and losers, these decks of cards literally keep it that simple.  Don't think you can get any cooler than a round of black jack in Vegas?  Well, try these sleek, sophisticated monochromatic cards that will keep the deck as cool as the heads that are playing. 

Each deck comes boxed.  Available in Black

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Luck be a lady, indeed…and a stylish one at that.  No more cheesy decks of cards from random gift shops or ones that feature the Hooters' girls (c'mon, really?).  These sophisticated decks will go a long way to making you look ike an adult, even if you're still playing games. 

It is items like this that make us happy to be an adult.  No more mismatched socks and plastic cups from your college football games.  Make sure that you’re always ready for a game of Texas Hold ‘Em without letting your living room resemble a frat house.

-  Monochromatic Deck of Cards
-  Available in Black - PVC
-  Regulation size (W2.3” x L3.5”)


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Classiest playing cards EVER!

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