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All-In-One Kitchen Tool



If you’re tired of searching through the kitchen drawer for the correct utensil, or simply want to reduce clutter, this tool is for you. The ultimate in space-saving design, this tool is 5 utensils in 1: Slotted spoon, Turner, Cutting tool, Solid spoon and Spatula.  Made from tough nylon, the tool is safe for use with non-stick cookware and heat resistant up to 240°C/480°F.  Dishwasher safe.  You'll always have the right kitchen tool at hand, whatever you’re doing

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This slim, easy to store tool is five tools in one. Talk about a know-it-all, this amazing tool will make room in your kitchen for things you actually need not just another spoon. 

Check out all the features from another awesome invention from Joseph Joseph:

1. Spatula - Flexible silicone blade - perfect for mixing, scraping and spreading.
2. Slotted Spoon - Generously sized with large drainage holes.
3. Turner - Broad flat surface and blunt edge - perfect for lifting fried foods.
4. Solid Spoon - Tablespoon-sized - ideal for stirring or tasting soups and sauces.
5. Cutting Edge - Tough serrated edge for cutting hot food during, and after, cooking.


-  All-In-One Kitchen Tool
-  Made from tough nylon, safe for use with non-stick cookware and heat resistant up to 240°C/480°F.
-  Dishwasher safe
-  Designed by Derek Roberts

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