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Apple Watch Stand



This gorgeous luxury stand and charging dock was carefully designed to match the timeless beauty of Apple Watch, from shape and standards, to fit and finish. Perched atop this gorgeous stand Forté, the Apple Watch appears as if it’s hovering gracefully in midair. Forte elegantly displays your Watch atop the brilliant chrome stand while protecting your band with a buttery soft, top grain leather wrapped base.

Forté works seamlessly with your Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable. Simply insert the magnetic disc into the top of Forté, press your cable into the back channel, and place your Watch on top. A polycarbonate chromed ring secures the charging disk and shields the Apple Watch body from any possible contact with the metal construction of Forté. Your cable will be hidden behind stand’s arm so all eyes are on your Watch. The 40-degree angle of the Forté arm allows for easy bedside viewing in either Portrait or Nightstand mode. Underneath, a soft silicone base ensures the stand won’t mark the surface you set it on.

Forté accommodates all Apple Watch bands, from closed-loop Link Bracelets to two-piece styles and Sport models.   

Dimensions: Height: 3.35 inches (85 mm) x Width: 3.26 inches (83 mm) x Depth: 3.77 inches (96 mm)

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