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Beard Grooming Kit


Perfect for the stylish bearded man! This handsome beard kit contains all the essential products needed to help soften, moisturize and style your moustache and beard.  This kit can be used by all skin types to manage and maintain a fine looking beard.

Beard Grooming Kit includes:

A quick four step beard styling guide, to help understand how to use each product and look damn handsome.  Beard Oil - 10ml - Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps to moisturise and cleanse the skin beneath the beard, soothing irritation, whilst conditioning the follicles.  Moustache Wax - 15ml - Perfect for tidying and adding a touch of flare to your moustache. Warm the wax first by rubbing it with between your fingers a little and apply a smidgen to your tache for extra hold and style. A handmade comb - perfect for grooming and detangling the follicles.  Stainless steel scissors - for trimming any stragglers.

Made in England.  

100% natural. No animal testing. No parabens. No silicones.

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