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Bourbon Smoked Sugars and Spices Giftsetsold out

Bourbon Smoked Sugars and Spices Giftset



A treat for the aspiring chef and foodie! 

This gourmet mini gift set contains sugars and spices custom with the rich aromas of Kentucky's finest aged bourbons from bourbon barrel staves.  Sprinkle the smoked spices on all your favorite grilled meats and vegetables for a delicious flavor.  The smoked sugars are perfect for finishing cookies and pies, rimming cocktail glasses, sweetening tea or coffee. 

Set of 6 tins.  0.5 oz/14g each.

Set of 6: Bourbon Smoked Mint Julep Sugar, Bourbon Smoked Vanilla Sugar, Bourbon Smoked Sugar, Bourbon Smoked Paprika, Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt, Bourbon Smoked Pepper.

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