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Captain Jack Decanter



This decanter brings deadly fun to your bar top.  This eye-catching, hand-blown decanter is made from layers of clear and black glass, giving it a shiny, sleek look that reflects the light just the way the high seas do on a sunny day. The highly recognizable mark of pirating, the skull and crossbones, is emblazoned on the front of the decanter and created by painstakingly etching the design into each layer of glass, giving the graphic a look of depth.

Decanter and Glasses Sold Separately.

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At the bottom of the decanter, a scalloped shimmering edge resembles the ocean's waves, reinforcing the pirate theme of the decanter. The decanter features a jeweled silver stopper, which looks as if it might have been plundered from a pirate's treasure chest.   Because no good pirate drinks his rum alone, the Captain Jack Decanter is also available with old-fashioned style tumblers for serving your favorite spirit. The glasses are identical and match the design and coloring of the companion decanter. Each glass stands at 4 inches tall and has room enough for 8 ounces of whatever you're serving.

  • Decanter measures 5" in diameter x 12'' tall with stopper with 54 oz capacity.  
  • Glasses  measures 4" tall with 8 oz capacity.



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