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Edwin Jagger Chrome Shaving Set (Set of 3)sold out

Edwin Jagger Chrome Shaving Set (Set of 3)



Edwin Jagger is regarded as the foremost manufacturer of exquisite design shaving razors and shaving sets.  The Edwin Jagger Chrome Shaving Set features a chrome plated stand to hold a razor and shaving brush.  The classic Edwin Jagger DE89 razor with chrome plated handle takes any standard DE safety razor blades for a close and smooth shave. The shaving brush is filled with pure 100% badger hair for a luxurious lather when used with a quality shaving cream or soap.  

The Edwin Jagger 3-Piece Chrome Shaving Set features:

  • DE89 Razor
  • Pure Badger Shaving Brush
  • Chrome Stand
  • Pack of 5 Derby Blades


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