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Hand Blown Shot Glassessold out

Hand Blown Shot Glasses


Indulge yourself and your bar with this handsome set of 4 hand-blown shot glasses delicately crafted in a sophisticated variety of hues.  Not only are these perfect for a decadent night of vodka drinking, they’re perfect for just about any drinking you'll ever do. 



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It's time to grow up and realize that while you'll never give up a good tequila night with friends, you're apartment doesn't need to look like it did when you were shuffling between Anthro seminars and hackysack on the Quad.  So man up, for the discerning drinker who appreciates quality as much as style, this set is a must-have.
Award winning Swedish Designer, Matz Borgstrom, designed each individually blown shot glass with a bright colored stem to help you keep track of them and keep hold of them even after a couple of shots.

“As a DJ I’ve played in and run clubs in Stockholm since being a teenager, which has given me a huge insight into the bar as an everyday phenomenon.  As a designer I have a wealth of experience in developing glassware. And with this experience behind me I have designed CLUB for the discerning drinker who knows that the function of an item is at least as important as the right design.”

- 4 Hand-Blown Shot Glasses
- Each shot glass holds 1 3/8oz.
- Size: 4 ½ in
- Colors : Blue, Orange, Green and Pink
- Handmade



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