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Ninja Toothbrush UV Sanitizer

Ninja Toothbrush UV Sanitizer

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This germ assassin will use stealth, misdirection, and germicidal UV rays to locate and eliminate 99.9% the bacteria that threaten your mouth. What does he do with the other .1%? He lets them flee as warning to others.

Simply insert your toothbrush and press his button to set him to work. He’ll kill your microscopic foes in 6 minutes, and shut himself off when he’s done. With this Ninja Sanitizer on your side you can rest assured that your toothbrush is safe from the looming bacterial menace and ready for use whenever you need it.

The removable drip cup allows for easy cleaning as needed.  Operates on 3 AAA batteries, not included. Toothbrush not included. 
Dimensions: 4.1" L x 4.2" W x 7.25" H

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