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Onions make you cry.  Why deal? These onion goggles are air tight protectors from the onion beast. With anti-fog lens, comfortable foam seal and handy storage case, they will keep you tear-free from onion vapors and tear-free from smoke when grilling up a batch of smokey ribs. Patented design. 

one size fits most.

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Growing up in America we have been inundated with advertisements for hardware stores and "manly" men searching for the perfect gadget or building the perfect set of tools.  Well, not to go in too deeply into the stereotype of women in the kitchen and men in the garage, but I don’t really care about socket wrenches or drill bits, but my quest for the perfectly outfitted kitchen will be unending.

On that note, whether absurd or everyday, kitchen gadgets are my drug.  These onion goggles may seem absurd at first glance - think about how many onions you cut up each week and how many tears are shed.  Drastic measures need be taken.  Whether you love them or hate them, onions are in nearly every recipe you cook and they’ll always make you cry.  


- Onion Goggles

- Color: Black 

- Anti-fog lens, comfortable foam seal and handy storage case

- Great for onion chopping, but also keeping smoke from your eyes while frying/barbequing!


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Great for onions, but even better for barbequing. I have a smoker and these work really well at keeping the smoke out of my eyes.

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