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Paper Airplane Notebook



Do you suspect that your inner-office memos get "filed" in the dust bin before they're even read? Are your love letters never answered? Need a way to get a coworker or employee to take notice of an important matter? Do you just need a distraction to get you through another boring day at school or work? If you suffer from any of these academic, personal or professional problems, we have the ultimate solution--the Paper Airplane Notebook.

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This unique notebook is designed to let your message fly in from above, so that you can literally "drop" someone a line. Each piece of paper in the notebook is ruled like your average piece of paper, but upon closer inspection, you'll see folding instructions clearly written on the page as well. Just make the folds wherever necessary and you'll no longer have a memo or note in your hand, you'll have a fully functioning paper airplane that is ready to take to the skies!

Your coworkers, classmates, boss and teachers will surely take notice of the letters written with this fun novelty notebook. There's five different paper airplane designs featured in the notebook, allowing you to experiment with different types of "paper aerodynamics." Each pad contains 100 pieces of paper. With that many sheets, you can amass your own paper air force and launch an invasion on the neighboring cubicle or the class across the hall. The paper airplane notes can even be used for marketing and make fun invitations for parties, too.


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