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RuMe Bags: Mix & Match Solids


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ReThink. ReAdjust. ReUse. These ingeniously designed reusable bags are durable, lightweight and hold more than any other reusable bag we've found. The design mimics an old-fashioned paper bag, and has squared sides and a bottom to easily fit anything. Plus, the handles are made to fit REAL people...with plenty of room to slide over bulky jackets or sweaters. Make your own set with RuMe's ever-growing assortment of solid bags in a rainbow of fresh, modern colors. Individual bag size 15.5” x 15.5” x 4”; Handles are 11.5” long.

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In theory, we should like grocery shopping - all those choices, pretty produce, guilty pleasure gossip mags, in one place.  Yet, between the too many people, bothersome easy listening that is being piped in, and the disturbing amount of plastic being needlessly used up and discarded…we get a little depressed. 

Now, maybe we can’t stop them from playing Kenny G and we can’t make everyone disappear when we enter the store, but we can start a little revolution of our own against all the plastic.  Now reusable grocery bags aren’t anything new; canvas totes and various polyester bags have been a around for awhile, giving people a Earth-friendly choice instead of those paper thin plastic bags offered for free at check out. 

But what we’ve often wondered is how come these bags haven’t been perfected?  The canvas totes don’t hold much and tend to be a little too granola for our tastes, and the other poly bags just don’t seemed to be shaped right to hope the optimum amount of groceries.  The shape is too slack or the handles are too short – inevitably there is a shortcoming to all.

Well, that is until we discovered RuMe.  With their super-cute name that stands for Reuse Me to their even more adorable patterns that run the gamut from Hamptons Chic to Ultra-Modern Classics, RuMe had us at first sight.  Yet, as we mentioned we wanted the perfect bag, aesthetically pleasing and the height of utility.  Utility is where RuMe really got us hooked, big enough to hold a five gallon container of water, but structured enough to hold just a few items and not crumple up in the back seat, these bags are tops.

So make some room for RuMe in your purse, your car, a kitchen drawer, or anywhere else you need help carrying anything.

Affordable, stylish RuMe Bags are designed for daily use – and ReUse – in any situation:
- Grocery or mall shopping; as a gym, sports, diaper or beach bag; for après ski, picnics or overnighters; for laundry, farmer’s markets, work or as ReUseable gift bags.
- The comfortable handle is sized to carry over any shoulder – male or female – even while wearing a bulky winter coat!

RuMe Bags are designed and packaged following a no-waste philosophy – there’s no superfluous pouch or packaging. Up to three RuMe Bags can be rolled and tied together for simple, compact carrying and storage. RuMe Bags are small enough to fit in a purse or glove compartment – the patent pending enclosure system enables three bags to roll up to about the size of your cup of coffee.

RuMe Bags are made from 180 denier polyester, with water-resistant coating; the innovative box stitch design offers a structured environment for loading goods, while maintaining a flexible space for over-sized, bulky items.

By incorporating RuMe Bags into our everyday lives, we can do our part in reducing the estimated:

    • 17 billion gallons of oil used annually to produce plastic bags


    • 100 billion plastic bags Americans throw away after a single use


    • And save more than a million birds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles that die every year from eating or getting entangled in plastic


   -  RuMe Reusable Grocery Bags


   -  Individual bag size 15.5” x 15.5” x 4”


   -  Handles are 11.5” long


   -  Three bags roll up to 6” x 2” x 3”


   -  Each bag holds more than 50lbs


   -  Double stitched seams means bags are extra sturdy for heavy loads


   -  Square sides and bottom


   -  Water resistant/machine washable


   -  Made in a South Korean Fair Trade Factory
   - $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping - no matter how much you buy



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