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This classic boasts everything you need for superior delivery dining. The Takeout Menu Organizer proudly acknowledges the fact that most of us don’t cook every night (or any night). Like a modern-day recipe box, the Menu Organizer neatly unites everything necessary to feed oneself via telephone or Internet. The Menu Organizer is an essential tool of the contemporary kitchen.   You can organize it by cuisines, by prices, by promptness, or however, and zip it all up in this hold-all binder. Meal-rating stickers, tipping guide, helpful ordering advice, and frequently called numbers list are included for convenience.


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I have this urban fantasy of sorts involving living in Manhattan and knowing the ropes from day one – knowing where best sample sales are, the quickest ways to get anywhere, and most importantly, the best, cheapest, and most delectable places to eat.  A large part of the last bit of my fantasy is the takeout…lots and lots of takeout.

Sushi for breakfast, schnitzel for lunch, tapas for dinner, and a late night snack of crème brulee – all without leaving my house.  This fantasy seems prohibitive in many ways: cost, availability of copious ethnic eateries, not to mention delivery radii.   

While I know I can’t fulfill said fantasy for many reasons: I don’t live in Manhattan, I have to leave the house to go to work, I’m not independently wealthy…and yet, I’m not willing to give up on my love of takeout.

The way I see it, there is only one drawback to takeout and getting food delivered – the menus.  Odd shaped pieces of paper with miniscule type that seem to show up every where from your front porch to underneath your fridge, but never when you need them.  We’ve all come up with different systems – drawers, shelves, files…but why not really clean up your act? 

The Takeout Menu Organizer from our ingenious friends at Knock Knock has everything; a pad for taking orders, a tipping chart, helpful ordering advice, a frequently called number list, and 9 tabbed dividers with menu storage pockets and adhesive tab labels to keep things organized.


Organizer includes:
-A Softcover 3-ring binder with zipper closure
-5 tabbed dividers with menu storage pockets
-Adhesive tab labels for easy organization
-40-sheet pad for taking orders
-Frequently called numbers list
-Stickers to rate your meals
-Menus are not included


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