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The McQueen Valet Tray



Ok, don't you think it's time to get organized? After all you're used to emptying your pockets hither and yon at the end of the day and then, wondering where you put your keys the next morning, the loose change you knew you had and, oh yes, your wallet.  Where in the world did that wallet go?  So maybe a little organization is in order and the classy McQueen Valet Tray is just the thing to do it.  The Tray has a smooth black leather exterior and a leather-lined change cup, a slim bottom drawer (for your wallet), and two velvet cups for watches and keys. See how easy organization just got?

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Ten Reasons You Need a Valet Tray:
1.    Pennies…I know they have sentimental value, but why are these the only change I ever seem to have left at the end of the day?
2.    Orbitz gum…are their packs specially designed to allow the pieces to fall out in my pocket?
3.    Debit cards…now I don’t have to carry cash…just a bunch of the receipts I need to stash later on.
4.    Keys…I have a house and a car…why on earth do I have this many keys?
5.    That watch…I paid too much for it I know, but it is the only I wear everyday and I should probably store it better than the edge of my night table.
6.    Toothpicks…the smoking may have stopped, but the persistent oral fixation has not.
7.    Jewelry…you know, the guy kind, wedding rings, cuff links, what have you…
8.    Lucky coins…everyone knows that coin is “heads” on both sides but whatever, it works for you.
9.    Dry cleaning tickets…you’ll finally stop losing them and never have to argue to get your laundry again.
10.  Your wife…this classic Valet tray is the only addition your wife is ever going to let you make to your bedroom.

-  Simple, Sophisticated Valet Tray for Everyday
-  Leather Exterior, Velvet lined drawer and cups
-  Perfect for change, watches, keys, money, receipts, or anything else that finds its way into your pockets throughout the day!
-  Comes in dust bag and box.
-  Dimensions: 9” x 5” x 3” 

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