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Whiskey Lover Set



For all the Whiskey Lovers in your life, it doesn't get any better than this.  Our Whiskey Lover's Set includes a bag of six Whiskey Stones and two gorgeous handmade crystal high ball glasses.  An easy, timeless gift for any adult!  The glasses are ideal for the perfect dram of single malt.  The wide mouth and short profile make it perfect for small quantities of high-quality whiskey.

Polished by hand using a Japanese optical lens compound.

Dishwasher safe.

8 Fl. oz. 2 1/2" Tall. 

Includes set of six whiskey stones.

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There will be good days and bad days, but there is guaranteed to be a day during the upcoming holiday season when a stiff drink will be in order.  And there won’t be a better way to enjoy that stiff drink than with Whiskey Stones that keep your liquor pure and these gorgeous Avva crystal glasses that are befitting the quality of the drink.

We’ve sold countless Whiskey Stones and so we’re over the moon to now offer them in this Whiskey Lover Set that will be the easiest go-to gift for fathers, husbands, and anyone who enjoys a good pour.  We love that each aspect of the set is expertly crafted.  While the design is simple and straightforward, the craftsmanship is anything but – the stones are cut in America’s oldest Soapstone workshop and the glasses come from a 200 year old glassworks in the Czech Republic.

So get a little Don Draper this season with this gorgeous set (you’ll get all the swanky fun without the brill cream and the oppressive clothing)! You won’t find a better, classier or more affordable gift for all the Whiskey lovers in your life.

-  Whiskey Lover Set
-  Set includes six whiskey stones and two Avva tumblers
-  Tumblers are made at Kvêtná Glassworks (Czech Republic) Founded in 1794, Kvêtná Glassworks has been making some of Europe’s finest crystal ever since.
-  Tumblers measure 8 Fl. oz.  2 1/2" Tall.
-  Stones are ideal for chilling your favorite spirit without diluting its flavor.  Each stone measures 3/4” – 7/8”
-  Stones made at Vermont Soapstone (United States). Over 150 years ago, a Vermont farmer unearthed a sizable chunk of soapstone while tilling his field.

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My go-to gift for every guy I know. I pair it with a fine bottle of scotch or bourbon.

Delight callout Delight callout Delight callout