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Whiskey Wedge



Take the edge off with Whiskey Wedge, the artful way to perfectly chill, but not water down your favorite spirits. Designed to melt much slower than smaller traditional ice cubes, Whiskey Wedge helps retain your drink’s full flavor.  Whiskey Wedge is the perfect gift for whiskey lovers and design enthusiasts.

After freezing, the large ice forms in the shape of a wedge on one side of the glass and simlar to a glacier, melts slowly
due to its mass compared to smaller ice cubes served “on the rocks.”   The Whiskey Wedge is perfect for sipping Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, Vodka, or Scotch.  

Include one Double-Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass and one silicone mold (for freezing wedge of ice into glass).

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