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XYZ Blocks



Have your alphabet blocks been around the block? A is for Apple, B is for Boring, Z is for ZZZ… How about a different perspective on the ABCs of modern life with these beautifully crafted wooden XYZ Blocks. They have all the traditional play value you expect, plus a few chuckles. Traditional ABC blocks just don’t stack up to Fred’s twist on the old classic. XYZ Blocks are packed in a durable wooden storage tray, protected by a clear recyclable plastic box. Christian Northeast created all the amazing illustrations.

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Check out some of the hilarious block examples below:

A is for Afro
C is for Cranky
D is for Donuts
G is for Graffiti
H is for Hero
J is for Jackalope
K is for Karate
L is for Lawnmower
M is for Moustache
P is for Powersaw
Q is for Quicksand
S is for Sunburn
T is for Trailer
U is for Uvula
W is for Wolfman

-  XYZ Blocks
-  Wood
-  16 Blocks
-  Comes in plastic carrying case

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