About Us

 Classic Goods For Modern Gentlemen.

You'd think that would be an easy thing to find - especially online, but it's not. Trust us, we've been looking.
Not EVERY guy is only interested in NFL on Sundays, or golf, or BBQ. Guys, like gals, have a whole host of interests, and while yes, we can easily generalize for both sexes, we think that men deserve a place of their own to treat themselves to classic, modern, functional, well made goods designed for all aspects of everyday life. And you know what? All of us deserve a one-stop go-to shop that we can rely on when we're buying gifts for our Dads, Husbands, Brothers, Boyfriends, Buddies, Grandfathers and Bosses.
No more needless desk accessories. No more "funny" golf gifts. No more ugly ties.
GentSupplyCo was born to serve YOU, the Modern Gent. The man who cooks, cleans, plays hard and understands a bit of style. Sure you golf, of course you BBQ, and everyone loves watching football on Sundays, but that doesn't define you completely and the gifts we give (or you get) shouldn't be defined by those parameters either.
Why us you ask? Because we've spent a few years now perfecting our obsession with providing an excellent shopping experience. You're not gonna see a website filled with 1000+ products. We edit things down, we sell what we think is necessary, and worthy. Our mantra for sourcing goods is "beautifully designed, and insanely useful." If it doesn't fit that bill (with the exception time to time of a few things we think are downright hysterical or just plain beautiful), we don't sell it.
We're obsessed with customer service. We're obsessed with presentation.
Basically, we're obsessed with making sure your money is well spent. You work hard, and we realize you could shop at a zillion other places and we appreciate that. We respect your choice to shop with us, and we want to make good on your decision.
In a nutshell, we hope you feel confident in shopping with us, because we are so so so excited you're here.


We hope you are too.