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Axolotl Playing Cards

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The Axolotl Playing Cards is a project created to help support the axolotl conservation efforts in México by spreading knowledge about this fantastic creature through the art contained in these playing cards.

  • 56 cards! (52 cards + 1 joker + 1 thank you card + 2 educational cards about the axolotl).
  • Fully custom art for all the court cards, aces, and joker.
  • Matte black tuck box and spot UV ink print for all the details.
  • They are printed by Cartamundi on their amazing True Linen B9 Finish.

The back design illustrates how the axolotl interacts with these elements that are always present through all its life. Ripples in the water created by the movement of the axolotl pass through the water hyacinths; this scene displays the harmony that it presents between the three elements the water hyacinth, the axolotl, and the water.  

Designed by Guzo Borboa.