Italia Segreta Playing Cards

Italia Segreta is the green deck of Italia Divina, a series about the landmarks, stories and the secrets of Italy.  Italia Segreta includes many of the most mystical and magical cities of Italy.  Italia Segreta includes Napoli, Venezia and Torino.


  • Every court card is a female Goddess that represent an Italian city
  • Pip cards include hints, locations and secrets about Italy
  • A lot of top quality metallic inks on tuckbox and cards
  • 56 cards – Include 2 jokers, 1 double back, 1 explanation card
  • Perfect for travel or discover Italy
  • Printed in USA by USPCC
  • Discover Napoli, Venezia, Torino and many more!

    Designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni.

    These decks make the perfect travel companions for an Italian vacation, helping you discover and explore the many mysteries of Italy.

    All decks are designed with functionality in mind; neither hints nor design will compromise playability in any way.