Mini Pocket Blanket

Minimalism at its best! Water repellent, puncture resistant, extremely compact, and ultra light, the Mini pocket blanket weighs only 37 grams. At 44in X 28in (110cm X 70cm) it's large enough for you to relax or you and your friend to sit. Perfect for taking a lunch break on a long hike, lying down to read a book in the park, enjoying an outdoor concert or festival, or lazing at the beach. Also useful as a raincover over your head, wet seat or wet ground. So go ahead, enjoy the outdoors anytime and anywhere by keeping this handy blanket in your pocket and car or clip it to your bag and bike via the integrated keyloop. When not in use, simply pack it back into the attached storage bag and put it back in your pocket.

Dimensions: 44" x 28" (open); 3"x2"x1" (folded)

Weighs: 37 grams

Material: ultralight HyprLite Nylon with puncture resistant coating and water repellant underside