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Wave Popsocket Phone Grip and Stand

Surf's Up! Get a grip on your phone with the PopSocket when you are on or off the beach!

Add this practical and stylish phone accessory to the back of almost any mobile device to transform its capabilities. PopSockets "pop" or expands whenever you need a grip, a stand, an earbud-management system, or just something to play with. Once expanded, it provides a secure yet relaxing hand position that makes texting, scrolling, watching videos, and taking selfies easier with no fear of dropping your devise. It collapses flat when not in use.

PopSockets not only make terrific phone grips and phone stands, they also make holding tablets and e-readers more comfortable and secure. While PopSockets do not stick to all devices and cases -- especially those made of silicone or with a waterproofing coating -- they do stick to most typical devices and cases.