Modern Idol Hope Playing Cards

Modern Idols is a series of playing cards based on the beliefs of the modern age and is inspired by todays Idols.   Hope is one of the two paths of Idols, and a strong force nowadays. Believing in Hope means looking at the future with optimism and “Everything is going to be okay.”.  The Hope Deck includes idols of Wellness, Romance, Art, Money....  

Idols cards are printed with a crazy color scheme that combines three different Neon inks with the most reflective metallic ink available, the 100% pure silver

Designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni.


  • Printed by USPCC
  • 3 Neon + 1 pure silver metallic ink on cards
  • 3 Neon + 1 pure silver metallic ink on box
  • Every court is a different Hope Idol

Spades - Enhancement

If you crave to be better, we can help you. But it won’t be free.

Worship Silence (Jack of Spades)

Worship Wellness (Queen of Spades)

Worship Curiosity (King of Spades)

Hearts - Individualism

The World revolves around you and the things you love. Nothing else is important.

Worship Legacy (Jack of Hearts)

Worship Romance  (Queen of Hearts)

Worship Dreams (King of Hearts)

Clubs - World

We’re crazy enough to try to change everything around us. Are you in?

 WorshipArt (Jack of Clubs)

 Worship Science (Queen of Clubs)

 Worship Connection (King of Clubs)

Diamonds- Materialism

You are what you have. Being awesome has never been so easy.

WorshipMoney (Jack of Diamonds)

Worship Media (Queen of Diamonds)

Worship Show (King of Diamonds)

Joker - Goddess of Hope

The Goddess of Hope is balanced and serene, but she has a terrible dark side: when promises are broken, your World might shatter along with them.