Corkcicle One

This sleek and modern Corkcicle One is designed to aerate, chill and pour a perfect glass of wine!

Corkcicle.ONE's steel, icicle-like body enhances the flavor profile of wine while also bringing wine to its optimal drinking temperature. Chill - Using a proprietary thermal gel combined with the powerful cooling properties of stainless steel, Corkcicle.ONE provides perfectly chilled whites and reds. Aerate - This amazing aerator will bring instant balance to wine and draw out the properties gained from decanting or "letting it breathe" immediately when pouring into the glass. Pour - There's no need to remove Corkcicle from the bottle to pour. Leave it in and simply tilt the bottle to pour wine right through. The flip cap allows for a complete seal that ensures the chilling achieves its maximum potential and no cold escapes. Bonus - Corkcicle.ONE comes with the a beautiful metal triangle freezing case. This case will keep frost and condensation from building up on the metal while being frozen.