Modern Idol Fear Playing Cards

Modern Idols is a series of playing cards based on the beliefs of the modern age and is inspired by todays Idols.   Fear is one of the two paths of Idols.  If you are worried about the future, always trying to prevent potential problems, you’re probably a worshipper of Fear.  “Be careful. The world is a dangerous place”.  The Fear Deck includes idols of Technology, Vanity, Vengeance, Consumerism...  

Idols cards are printed with a crazy color scheme that combines three different Neon inks with the most reflective metallic ink available, the 100% pure silver

Designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni.


  • Printed by USPCC
  • 3 Neon + 1 pure silver metallic ink on cards
  • 3 Neon + 1 pure silver metallic ink on box
  • Every court is a different Fear Idol

Spades - Enhancement

If you're scared you're not enough, don't worry.  We're here.

Worship Technology  (Jack of Spades)

Worship Abnegation (Queen of Spades)

Worship Knowledge (King of Spades)

Hearts - Individualism

Are you enough? Believe in yourself and all your wishes will be granted.

Worship Vanity (Jack of Hearts)

Worship Hedonism (Queen of Hearts)

Worship Conformism (King of Hearts)

Clubs -World

The future is terrifying. But we can fight to make it better. Are you in?

 Worship Vengeance (Jack of Clubs)

 Worship Ecology (Queen of Clubs)

 Worship Ideology (King of Clubs).

Diamonds - Materialism

You could solve your problems, or you could simply think about something else. Like us.

Worship Games (Jack of Diamonds)

Worship Consumerism (Queen of Diamonds)

Worship Work (King of Diamonds)

Joker - God of Fear 

Don’t worry, believing in Fear doesn’t make you a coward – it may mean you’re just cautious and vigilant. Believers in Fear have prevented a lot of disasters in mortals’ lives.