The Indestructible Wallet

Indestructible? Unbelievable? Well, what can we say other than this wallet is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and, most importantly, recyclable. Made from Tyvek® (think express mail envelopes), so it resists tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns giving the wallet incredible strength. The ingenious origami design reinforces that strength by using a single folded stitchless construction allowing the wallet to gradually expand and adapt to meet your own personal storage needs. It will expand right before your eyes. Because of the slim, lightweight and water resistant features, you can take your wallet anywhere. It makes a great "night out" wallet for a slender silhouette and the writable surface conveniently acts as a quick note pad on the go. Like we said...indestructible and unbelievable!

There are probably few things you use more in any given day than your wallet. Whether you’re pulling it out to pay the grocer or when you swipe your ATM card at the gas pump, your wallet goes through hell on a daily basis. It gets smashed, trashed and drug around while it protects your credit cards and bills, but who gonna protect your wallet? Make sure you get a wallet tough enough to protect itself.

- Made of Tyvex
- Printed with SGS Certified Environmentally Friendly Ink.
- 100% recyclable packaging made from recycled PET plastic.
- 2 interior pockets, 2 credit card pockets (holds approx 16 cards) and 2 quick access business card pockets.
- Dimensions open - 8 w x 3.25 h x .125 d