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iPod Retro Mini Speaker



The sturdy retro shape looks like your favorite interlocking building set , and holds your iPod upright and gives enough volume to let you get your groove on.  Perfect for your cubicle, traveling or the bathroom. No batteries needed. This speaker uses a USB to power through your iPod.
Works with iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone. (see details below about specific generations)

Available in Red, Blue, and Black,.

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How much time so you actually spend at home?  Try barely any.  You’re at work, you’re in the car, you’re at your parents’ house, you’re stuck in the airport, or you’re waiting on the I-45 with 10,000 other cars.  You’re on the go.  Always.

You need an accessory that will help make the chaos just a little bit less annoying.  Sometimes the only thing that can calm you down in times like those is music.  And, thanks to the geniuses over at Apple my iPod has made that possible, but listening to headphones is not always the most convenient thing.  Enter this little iPod Speaker.  Now you can listen to all of your music, all the time.

And even, if the retro interlocking rectangular-like design isn’t your style, the Speaker is perfect for any kids, guys, and builders in your life.  It is compatible with most iPod versions and doesn’t need a battery.

-    Retro Block Mini-iStereo Dock
-    Measures 3” x 1”
-    Docking Connector for all iPod Products & Active Bass System
-    No Batteries Required; it’s charged from your iPod!
-    Speaker works with all 3rd thru 5th generation iPods.
-    Speaker works with all ipod classic, all nano, mini and 1st thru 4th generation itouch.
-    Speaker work with the iPhone 2 thru 4.
-    A perfect gift for tweens, guys, and anyone who loves gadgets and music!  We also use them as bribes for our IT team!

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