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Duo Coffee Steeper

Duo’s full immersion and etched steel filter ensures a full bodied, clean tasting cup. Much like a French press, Duo’s brewing chamber lets coffee grounds hang out in hot water for a full immersion and robust extraction. Unlike the French press, Duo’s double filter ensures no gunk at the bottom of your cup. While maintaining the crispness of a pour-over, Duo also eliminates the tedious, manual process involved with pour-over methods. There’s no worrying about underextracting coffee and ending up with sad, brown water.

To make coffee, simply put 3 scoops of coarse ground beans in filter, pour hot water over, and stir, then when your ideal cup is ready, just twist the silicone center and release the liquid into the bottom chamber and enjoy.

Other Details

  • Duo brews a mean cold press and Japanese-style iced coffee.
  • Duo holds 24 oz of water and brews about 21 oz.
  • No paper filter needed
  • Handwash