Order Imperium Playing Cards

Order Imperium Playing Cards is printed with superb metallic inks and beautiful artwork authorized by the Ministry of Information.  Order Imperium is the first deck of the Order Series.


  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle Stock
  • Superb Metallic Inks
  • 4 different Ad Cards instead of Jokers
  • Awards won by this deck:

United Cardists 2019 Deck of the year – Best deck overall (honorable mention), Best extra cards (first place), Best courts (third place) 

“This deck represents the MAGNIFICENCE of our People and the glory of our Unique Party.”

The suits of Order Imperium are based on our four Ministries: Strength (Spades)Wealth (Hearts)Protection (Clubs) and Information (Diamonds).

Spades : The Ministry of Strength manages the immense might of the Unique Army of the Order. Soldiers of the Order, recruited from the youth of the People, fight our enemies with incredible courage.

Hearts: The Ministry of Wealth blesses our Nation with an increase in population, and gives freedom to the People through work.

Clubs: The Ministry of Protection is charged with the safety of the People. Their hand is over all the Nation; their all-seeing eye cannot be blinded or obscured. Terrorists and rebels will not escape their fierce punishment.

Diamonds: The Ministry of Information provides entertainment and news. They oversee education, communication, and all products of the Order, including the Imperium Deck.

Jokers are represented by aesthetically pleasing advertising campaigns by the Ministry of Information to encourage a virtuous lifestyle and to buy the right products for every good citizen.