Pomaireware Salsa/Condiment Serving Dish

We're in love with Pomaireware! And well, how can you not love this adorable three-legged pig serving dish? Perfect for salsas and dips or nuts or olives or just to stare at. We don't care what you use it for really - we're pretty sure you'll love it. And it is the perfect new best friend to yourPig Shaped Baker that we know you can't live without. Handcrafted in Pomaire, Chile; Lead-free, oven safe up to 450F, stove top safe and microwave safe; no two pieces are exactly alike - plus it comes with recipes!

When we discovered Pomaireware™ in 2007 we were completely intrigued. First, we all love love loved the pig tureen and serving spoon - for purely aesthetic reasons – but after learning more about this clay bakeware from Chile, we could feel a new cooking obsession coming on. Hence, our newest offering - an adorable three-legged pig shaped salsa or condiment dish.

Pomaireware Chilean Bakeware Salsa Dish so CUTE from Delight.comIt’s the perfect size for dips, or olives, or nuts. Really, the possibilities are endless. My favorite is to make smaller individual sized artichoke dips in this little guy…as you can bake in the oven and pull it out ready to serve.

Since the middle of the 19th century, Pomaire, Chile has been producing distinctive earth ware that is both functional and decorative.The artisans have preserved the tradition of working with clay using the same techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Each piece is dried naturally, then smoothed and burnished with an agate stone before being fired. No glaze or varnish is used. Consequently, it has its own defects and discolorations that in no way affect the performance of each piece. That is why throughout Chile it is difficult to dine without something in a Pomaireware bowl or pot.

All Pomaireware items are lead-free, oven safe up to 450F, stove top safe (electric w/diffuser) and microwave safe.

And if you become obsessed like me, the side effects are only positive, I promise.


  • - Authentic Pomaireware™ pig shaped salsa dish and spoom with; clay bakeware made in Chile.

  • - Lead-free, oven safe up to 450F, stove top safe and microwave safe.

  • - Can go into the oven but we suggest putting it on a rack.

  • - Size: 6.25"x4"x2.5′

  • - Each piece comes with a Chilean recipe to get you started!

  • - A wonderful, unique, eco-friendly gift for any foodie.

  • - Perfect for any Thanksgiving table! Great for cocktail parties!
  • - $7.95 flat rate shipping - no matter how much you buy.