Secure iTag

Proximity Bluetooth Alarm System

Now you can track and find your phone, iPad, keys, bags, pets and even kids when they have been misplaced or wandered off. Secure iTag is a GPS, alarm, tracker by establishing a connection between the Secure iTag and your Apple device. Simply attach the Secure iTag to your valuables and when needed touch the alert button on your device or Secure iTag to find either device. The LED light helps locate in dark or loud places.

Connect up to 5 Secure iTags to your iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6s or iPad 3rd/4th generation to prevent theft or loss. Each can be identified with a ringtone, photo, or name. Adjustable protection range up to 150 feet via bluetooth.

Proximity Bluetooth Alarm System
Secure and find your iPhone, iPad, keys, bags, pets and even kids.
Button on SecuriTag alarms device
Button on device App alarms SecuriTag
Secure - Leaving either SecuriTag or device behind causes both to alarm once exceeding an adjustable protection range
GPS - Locate lost valuable
App - Allows connection of up to 5 SecuriTags for more protection, while offering personalization and controls
Compatible with iPhone 6s/6/5/5S/5C/4S, iPad Air/Mini/4/3/2 using iOS 5.1 or later