Robot Artist Kit

Build your own artist robot! With a cardboard box for a body, four markers for legs, and a vibrating motor for a heart, this little machine friend is destined to turn you into a pro artist, fit for the robot uprising.

Set out all the parts and then get familiar with the instructions for building your new friend.

All you need is a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and an AA battery.

With a few folds, a handful of glue dots, and a touch of love, this little buddy will be up and producing your new line of fine abstract art in no time at all.

Robot Artist Kit

  • Vibrating robot with marker legs for creating art
  • Encourages logic, concentration, creativity
  • Kids have a blast building a real robot - continuously creates more fun
  • Works with vibrating motor - dances across paper on marker legs
  • Creates swirling dots of bright colors
  • Included markers colored pink, brown, grey, green
  • Get creative and decorate Scribbler with other arts supplies
  • Includes 4 markers, motor, washer, on/off switch, 2 wires, battery holder, cardboard pen holders, cardboard body
  • Instructions found on Makers Toolbox website - web address included in packaging
  • Requires hot glue gun and glue sticks - not included
  • Requires AA battery - not included
  • Adult supervision required for children under 12
  • Durable materials build into long-lasting robot art fun
  • Made in the U.S.A.

For ages 8+.
Get to make your very own drawing robot.
This is an electronic and construction kit requiring assembly.
Packed measures 9"x13".
Assembled measures 5.5"x3.25"x3.25".
1xAA batteries required. Not included.
Hot glue gun required. Not included.
Prepared in Brooklyn, New York.