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ZinZig Wine Tasting and Trivia Gamesold out

ZinZig Wine Tasting and Trivia Game



This wine tasting and trivia game, ZinZig is illustrated and designed by wine lovers for wine lovers. You drink wine with friends and have a good time.  As the number of wines continues to increase exponentially, everyone could use a lesson on how to choose the right wine for the right occasion, or what differentiates a Bordeaux from a Burgundy.  The first player to taste their way to the winery wins!

For 2-6 Players or Teams
Ages 21+
Wine Not Included
For All Experience Levels



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This game includes: 6 winemaker pieces, 3 bottle covers for the blind wine tasting, a wine tasting guide, 9 winery deeds, 250 trivia cards, 50 blind wine tasting cards, and one die.

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