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Creatures of The Fae Playing Cards Black, Gold & Silver Edition

This custom deck of playing cards features The Fae (“Fairies”). Two suits represent The Seelie Fae, including Queen Titania, Robin Goodfellow “Puck,” Pixies, Brownies, and more. The other two suits represent The Unseelie Fae, including The Erlking, Queen Mab, a Red Cap, Cait Sith, and others. Gustavo Borboa illustrated this deck.

  • A Custom deck of playing cards featuring beings from the Realm of The Fae.
  • Creatures and being from both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of Faerie.
  • Hand drawn artwork, unique custom face cards and custom pips.
  • 52 cards plus two unique Jokers and a card identifying all the Fae.
  • 100% Black PVC Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards, standard poker size. Custom Gold Foiled Tuck Box.