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Heroic Tales Playing Cards

Heroic Tales is the first deck of the Tales series. Include a lot of different heroes inspired by the most popular fairy tales, like Red Riding Hood, The Puss in Boots and the Charming Prince.


  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle Stock
  • Top quality Metallic Inks
  • 2 Alternative Court Cards with different characters!

Tales is a series of playing cards, inspired by Fairy Tales, Fables, and Fantasy Books. Designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni.

The main purpose of these decks is to offer you a vast array of characters with which to tell and create Fairy Tales, for both kids and adults.

Heroic Tales includes a variety of heroes: some are valiant and brave; others are simply pure of heart.

Spades - Royal Heroes

Jack-The Charming Prince is the valiant, handsome, strong fellow who is best known for saving multiple Princesses. Will he marry them all?

Queen - This Brave Princess doesn’t need to be saved; she has defeated countless enemies with her stunning beauty and her sharp sword.

Hearts - Brave Heroes

Jack - The Miller is disappointed when he receives a Kitten as a gift. It doesn’t take long for him to change his mind, however–the Kitten is no ordinary friend!

King - A King, ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He challenges villains of all kinds and sizes.

Clubs - Forest Heroes

Jack - Abandoned in the woods, The Twins find a house made of delicious sweets. Unfortunately, the House isn’t empty…

King - The champion of the forest, savior of ladies and slayer of evil. In his spare time, The Hunter is also a lumberjack.

Diamonds - People's Heroes

Jack - Tasked with delivering goods to her granny, The Scarlet Damsel finds herself stalked by an Evil Wolf.

King - This wealthy fashion-lover can afford the most luxurious wardrobe. The Emperor may have excellent taste in clothing, but his vanity leads him astray.